CNNGo in Rome. Join me for a tour of Testaccio

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CNNGo in Rome. Join me for a tour of Testaccio

Recently I had the chance to show a CNN crew around my neighborhood, Testaccio, for the international TV show CNNGo.

Gisella, the producer, and Dan, the cameraman, were both really nice and extremely professional, and I think the whole result is quite pretty and amusing.

One thing you wouldn't be able to tell by watching the video: the morning at the Portaportese market was freezing cold! We shot there from 8am till noon, and so I was lucky enough to have to have a cup of boiling tea right afterwards, which prevented me from keeping on shaking all afternoon through. The sunbathe on top of the Testaccio hill of shards did the rest of the job... And in the picture above you can actually see myself portrayed on top of Monte de' Cocci (which literally means "mountain of shards").

Note: the tonnarelli cacio e pepe at Felice's arrived as the very last thing of the shootings, around 4pm, as some kind of heavenly reward for the long day of work (needless to say, it was a sunday).
And it actually took me around 30 minutes after the pasta was served at the table, to be able to taste it: Dan took many many shots of it in order to make it look as good and tasty as it is in real life!

CNNGo's Roman Episode, part 2 of 3

By the way, the title of the Roman edition of CNNGo has been taken out of a sentence of mine. I'm kind of proud of that...

You can hear me saying it at the very end of the third part of the show, in the video below.

Have fun!

CNNGo's Roman Episode, part 3 of 3

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